An evil 'pseudo-god' and a member of Darkseid's Elite.


Kanto is shown to be tall and slim with fair skin and long dark hair. His beard and moustache on his fine featured face are neatly trimmed. He is dressed in a dapper manner in a purple, thigh length tunic with yellow and black decorations, and the broad, yellow beret on his head gives him a Renaissance look. He speaks in a suave, gentlemanly tone but has a slimy manner and, as he gesticulates in an affected way, hides his true feelings behind an evil smirk.

He is one of Darkseid's Elite and is an executioner whose job is to quietly do away with those whom Darkseid considers to know too much. To help with this, Kanto carries an odd pistol with blades projecting from its barrel, perhaps to deal with victims noiselessly. To oppose Superman, he can use different types of kryptonite gun. Kanto also has a function with the space fleet where he works equipment on the control deck.

Kanto shows a familiarity with Swamp Thing.


28. The Fatal Fare
35. Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp




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