An alien villain, and enemy of the Justice League.


Kanjar Ro is a broad, heavy, purple-skinned alien with long arms and short legs. He wears a blue, sleeveless costume with white decorations together with a white cape and boots. A blue hood is drawn around his head which has a long, pointed snout instead of a nose and underneath is a grinning mouth full of teeth. His large eyes seem to be multi-facetted like those of a fly. He speaks with a gruff voice in a mocking tone.

He is always encountered in outer space but his place of origin is not mentioned, and can be supported by a gang of alien henchmen who aid him in robbery. An unusual power that he has is his ability to become invisible by using his "favorite cloaking device" (which may be the box hanging from his belt). He also carries a small, glowing ball on the end of a short handle (called an Energi-rod elsewhere) which is used to shoot energy blasts and is so proficient with it that he can even disarm Jonah Hex in a gun battle. He is enough of a hand-full to leave Green Lantern exhausted after a fight.


26. All Aboard the Space Train
44. System Error (cameo)
48. Barehanded (cameo)



  • He originates in the comics of the 1960's as an enemy of the Justice League and of Adam Strange.


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