An evil 'pseudo-god', and a member of Darkseid's Elite.


Kalibak appears as a large, hulking figure with long, dark hair and full beard (looking a bit like a caveman), and his facial features are heavy set like those of his father, Darkseid. He wears a tight green body suit with the arms and legs bare except for gloves and short boots. Although probably a fully grown adult and speaking in a deep gruff voice, Kalibak is simple minded and converses in a child-like way, always anxious to receive attention from his father and concerned for his welfare.

He is one of the New Gods and a likely member of Darkseid's Elite, and Granny Goodness, who bosses him around, describes him to Darkseid as, "your own savage son." Despite this, we do not see him in action much although he carries a weapon shaped like a club (and called a mega-rod elsewhere).

Darkseid does not appear to be very sympathetic towards him and shows more favour to his adopted son, Mister Miracle.


35. Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp



  • This version of Kalibak has a scar on his forehead.


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