This is the main flying fighting vehicle used by the Justice League both in the air and in space.


Justice Two is a fighter craft that detaches from the rear of the Justice One transport and can operate in the atmosphere or in space. As Justice Two separates and moves away, it takes the engine exhausts with it which then split apart and extend out on booms revealing a short fuselage. The tail fins on the exhausts extend forwards as two long planes, rotated vertically.


The fuselage has a cockpit at the front with a canopy, and an engine exhaust at the back. The cockpit has a single seat for the pilot but there are another two seats behind. The canopy is in front of the pilot and has head-up displays on it.


The position of the guns varies with the episode. Sometimes they shoot from the front of the old exhausts on the inside of the planes, and at other times the tips of the planes hinge up to reveal gun barrels.


The booms with the planes can rotate about the fuselage while Justice Two is maneuvering, and can also spin around while the guns are firing to create a fireball that causes an implosion at the target.



  • As the two planes are never horizontal, they cannot act as wings so we must conclude that Justice Two stays in the air through sheer rocket power.
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