The main flying transport used by the Justice League both on Earth and in space.


Justice One is a large aircraft that is sometimes used by the Justice League to transport themselves through the air and also through space. There is a hangar for it lower down in the Watchtower with an exit on the side of the volcano. It has a long box-like fuselage with swept wings mounted in the middle and high up. At the rear, there are two tail fins above twin engine exhausts. This craft always takes off and lands vertically using two rectangular thrusters on its underside in the middle of the fuselage.


The front third of the plane is taken up by the control cabin and, underneath it, a front-loading cargo bay that has an outward opening hatch. The cabin has seats for two pilots with other seats behind, and along the sides are control panels and displays.


Although it is never seen being used in an offensive rôle, Justice One can defend itself by shooting missiles rearwards from bays in its wings. The attacking function is performed by Justice Two which is a fighter module that detaches the entire rear quarter including the engine exhausts. After this takes place, Justice One extends two new engine podules backwards and upwards to provide thrust and perhaps to make up for the loss of its tail fins.


Additional specialist vehicles can be carried inside Justice One. The first is Justice Three which is an armed tank that is dropped from a bay in the mid-section of the fuselage and arrests its fall to the ground using rockets. This vehicle is low and squat like a HumV but has a pair of tracks on each side, the front ones being steerable. The weapons are mounted on booms that extend from the sides of the cabin.


Another one is Justice Four which is a small fish-shaped submarine that is dropped from a shute behind the cargo bay. Although intended to operate in water, it has engine nascelles on either side of its hull that can extend outwards on booms so that it can fly through the air. It is not clear how seriously we are meant to take this one.


A small single seat jet car can also be dropped from a chute in the mid-section of the fuselage. It may be intended as an escape pod.

In episode 3 we see Justice One being destroyed along with the Hall of Justice. Although it reappears in episode 5, in some following episodes (8, 19, and 22) the Justice League makes use of a smaller, bronze-colored, single-engined craft which is used both as a transport and as a fighting craft until it is eventually destroyed too.


The restored Justice One survives to the end of the show.


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