In the past, the titles and content of the pages have strayed from the subject indicated by the wiki's title. The following guidelines should help to keep the pages relevant, give a good reading experience, and maintain an attractive look. The pages ought to be fairly short and simple given the limited amount of information contained in the episodes.

Maxim: Tell the reader what can be seen and heard in this show.

  • Page titles - All titles must refer to things seen or heard of in this show.
  • Page content - Content should describe the title subject as it is seen or heard of in this show, and the description should only be supplemented by a minimum of material obtained from elsewhere. Any more substantial outside material should be linked to in an external links section.
  • Lists - Lists can become long and filled with trivia forcing the reader to scroll past them. Paragraphs are flatter and should be preferred.
  • Pictures - Only a few pictures should be posted on each page to limit the number of "fair use" images on the wiki. Infobox pictures ought to be standardised as a square shape to maintain the look of the pages..
  • Categories - The wiki only has a limited number of pages so should not need many more categories than it has already.
  • Redirects - The value of redirects should be kept to a minimum until their value to the wiki can be discussed and made clear.
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