A cowboy hero, and ally of the Justice League.


Jonah Hex is, "one of the most dangerous men in the universe," and has the appearance of a cowboy who is tall and broad shouldered. He has shoulder-length light brown hair, his skin appears discolored, and the right side of his face is disfigured as though the skin has melted. He wears a gray hat, a brown bib shirt, gloves, dark brown pants and black boots. At his waist is a gun belt with a pair of holsters. In character he is tough and confident and speaks in the manner of the Old West with a voice like that of Clint Eastwood. He seems naturally inclined to oppose evil-doers.

He dates to a former time but has been discovered by the Justice League frozen in the Rocky Mountains which was caused by him falling into a crevasse. On his way to League headquarters, he has had to be unfrozen to assist in the League's business. We see that he is expert in the use of a pair of ray blaster pistols that he acquires, and in close combat he is also adept at using his fists. He is able to quickly adapt to the use of modern technology.

At the end of his story, Jonah Hex declines the League's offer to return him to his own time and chooses to stay on an alien planet that reminds him of his Western origin.


26. All Aboard the Space Train




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