Joker is a incredibly deranged and major villain in Justice League Action and an enemy of Batman.


The Joker is one of the most prominent villains in the show and has a theme of being clownish and jokey while committing his crimes. He is shown as a being of medium build and has a pale face, Roman nose, wide mouth, and long pointed chin. His shiny, dark hair is swept back in spikes and has a green tinge. As a person, in line with his theme, he is talkative (in an English accent), continually cracks jokes, often has a broad, maniacal smile, and frequently laughs out loud. His intention is either to destroy Batman and other superheroes or just cause mayhem - like setting off a giant laughing gas bomb. His center of operations appears to be Gotham City and he is usually opposed by Batman.

Joker is dressed in a tight purple suit with wide shoulders and long coat tails with white flower pin, and wears a large bow tie. When in action, he is acrobatic and can make use of small gas bombs, a pop gun that can ensnare with streamers, or a buzzer that can give an electrocuting handshake.

He is never seen to be associated with Harley Quinn which is a some what unique and rare thing for the Joker.


8. Galaxy Jest
33. Best Day Ever
40. E. Nigma, Consulting Detective
47. Watchtower Tours
Short 14. Missing the Mark
Short 22. Clown Party




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