"The clock is ticking!"
— Joker in Galaxy Jest

The Joker is a supervillain, Gotham's most notorious criminal and the archenemy of Batman. He is voiced by Mark Hamill.

History Edit

Jack Napier was a lab technician who was down on his luck. After his failed career as a comedian, he was unable to support his pregnant wife Jeannie and had no choice but to turn to crime. Jeannie later died due to a malfunctioning water heater. Under the guise of the Red Hood, he and the Valestra mob planned to rob a chemical plant. Unfortunately, Batman attacked and Napier fell into a chemical vat, changing his appearance into that of a deranged clown. Driven insane by his new look, Napier called himself the Joker and has been terrorizing Gotham City ever since.

Biography Edit


in between this jack started out as both a hitman and a chauffeur working for the Valestra mob. One of his final tasks was to murder Carl Beaumont

After Taking the alias of the "Joker", jack continues to cause mayhem at Gotham City, enjoyed torturing Batman as revenge on him for his disfigurement which he blames him for.and was acquainted with Harley Quinn numerous times.

Personality Edit

  • Clown
  • Former lab technician (when he was still Jack Napier)

Powers, Skills, and Abilities, Edit

  • Enhanced Intelligence
  • Brilliant Chemist and Inventor
  • Arsenal of Comedy-Themed Gadgets
  • Deception
  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant

Weapons and Equipments Edit

  • Jokes
  • Clowning Around
  • Deadly Hand Lethal Electric Joy-Buzzers
  • Joker Venom (Liquid Smylex)
  • Laughing Gas (Smylex)
  • Acid-Squirting Flower
  • Punching Glove Gun
  • Bombs
  • Cyanide Pies
  • Pogo-Sticks
  • Walking-Sticks
  • Razor-Sharp Playing Edged Cards
  • Sharp Metal Chickens
  • Bolo-Type Streamers
  • Laughing Fish
  • Hammers

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