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A major villain and an enemy of Batman and the Justice League.


The Joker is one of the more prominent villains in the show and has a theme of being clownish and jokey while committing his crimes. He is shown to be of medium height and slim and has very pale skin, a Roman nose, a wide mouth with very red lips, and a long pointed chin. His shiny dark hair is swept back in spikes and has a green tinge, and for some reason the whites of his eyes are yellow. Joker is dressed in a purple suit that has a tight evening dress coat with wide shoulders and long tails, a white flower pin, and a large bow tie.

As a person, in line with his theme, he is talkative (in an English-style accent), continually cracks jokes, often has a broad maniacal smile, and frequently laughs out loud. His intention is either to destroy his archenemy, Batman or other superheroes or just cause mayhem - like setting off a giant laughing gas bomb - and shows himself to be fanatical enough to try to destroy the Justice League with a huge bomb even though it could result in his own death. Joker takes delight in toying with his opponents by, for instance, offering them time to try to liberate Batman before he is executed. His center of operations appears to be Gotham City (though he is often seen in prison) and is usually opposed by Batman but is never seen to be associated with Harley Quinn as elsewhere.

When in action, Joker is acrobatic and can make use of small gas bombs or more jokey weapons like a pop gun that can shoot entangling streamers, a party whistle that can blow gas, playing cards that create smoke when thrown, bomb-like firecrackers, or a buzzer that can give an electrocuting handshake. In one story he makes use of a Motherbox from Apokolips to dodge the pursuing Justice League. As elsewhere he can be seen in scenes where he is surrounded by outsized versions of everyday objects. Joker is never supported by a gang of followers. For transport, he can drive a van with a 'joker' face on the front and 'ha ha ha' emblazoned on the sides, but can also drive more normal cars, and all of these vehicles have the same color as his suit.


As allies, he is familiar with treacherous Lex Luthor, and also Desaad and the New Gods.


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  • Strangely this version of Joker has yellow eyes and clean white teeth, whereas some incarnations are known for having yellowish "unbrushed" teeth.