Jimmy Olsen is a newspaper photographer, and a friend of Clark Kent.


Jimmy Olsen has the appearance of a slim young man of medium height with red hair and freckles. He wears office garb which includes a green, sleeveless cardigan and a bowtie. In character, he is youthful and amiable, and accepts that he is junior to everyone else at his workplace.

He works for the Daily Planet newspaper as a photographer (and video cameraman) and addresses all his colleagues as "Mister" or "Miss". He is subordinate to Lois Lane (and intimidated by her) who sends him out to gather material for stories. Jimmy sometimes prefers to post his videos onto his own website called "Jimmy Live" to boost his profile in the media. He uses a motor scooter to travel around.

Jimmy Olsen has a friendly relationship with Clark Kent and is on familiar terms with Superman and Wonder Woman but sees through the bluster of the condescending Sid Sharp.


2. Power Outage
37. Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp




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