"Inside Job" is the twenty-first episode of Justice League Action.


In a struggle with Lex Luthor, Superman becomes infected with nano-bots that cause him to collapse into a deadly coma, and the Justice League decide to use Atom's shrinking technology to go inside him to try to save his life.


AtomJerry O'Connell
BatmanKevin Conroy
Wonder WomanRachel Kimsey
SupermanJason J. Lewis
Red TornadoJason J. Lewis
Lex LuthorJames Woods


As Lex Luthor in his battle suit rampages through S.T.A.R. Labs, he brushes aside the guards who have fired at him. But first Batman and then Wonder Woman intervene to try to stop him. Luthor distracts them by causing the roof to collapse, flying through the hole he has made to escape. Outside, up in the air, he encounters Superman and, as an apparent distraction, fires a missile that starts to spread a green gas across the city below. Superman flies down and sucks it all in without suffering any ill affects and then flies out into space and exhales it. He comes back down to where Batman and Wonder Woman have cornered Luthor but becomes dizzy and collapses onto the hovering Batplane. Luthor flies off as Wonder Woman cradles the unconscious Superman.

Having taken the stricken Superman to the Watchtower, Batman and Wonder Woman join Atom and Red Tornado to monitor Superman's state. Red Tornado observes that his vital signs are dipping, and Atom discovers that this is due to a swarm of nano-bots that have infested Superman's heart and are feeding off his special solar energy. Further, there is also a 'queen'-bot present that is rapidly reproducing more nano-bots. Atom says that they will have to go inside Superman's body to surgically remove the infestation.

Atom, Batman and Wonder Woman don suits and helmets to enable them to survive inside Superman's body and Atom says they can shrink for thirty minutes. Using disks like the one on Atom's belt, the three shrink down and enter Superman's nostrils where Batman decides they should enter the bloodstream via the sinuses and the lungs. Eventually, in the heart, they see the nano-bots surrounding the machine that collects the energy and do battle with them, destroying them. Further on they encounter the queen who turns and flees while the threesome go in pursuit.

Elsewhere, Luthor, following the progress of the nano-bots, notices that Superman is recovering. Flying over to the Watchtower, he bursts in and, after a fight, disables Red Tornado. He finds Superman's unconscious body and attacks it with a kryptonite ray. Detecting this, Atom decides to return to deal with Luthor. In the lungs, Batman and Wonder Woman destroy the queen after a lengthy struggle and leave it to be digested by the immune system and, with only seconds left, make for the mouth. Atom, flying out of the mouth, knocks the ray gun out of Luthor's hand and fights him, but Luthor gains the upper hand and prepares to shoot him. Behind, a recovering Superman sits up and, when he sneezes, Batman and Wonder Woman fly out at full size and flatten Luthor.

When Superman wonders what has been happening, he is just handed a handkerchief.


In the DVD release, this is episode 22 and comes between The Trouble with Truth and Double Cross.


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