Queen of the Amazons, and mother of Wonder Woman.


Queen Hippolyta rules over the Amazons of Paradise Island. She is portrayed as a mature woman with fair skin and long black hair, and wears a black, low cut bodice with a light gray, full length skirt that is split at the front. An apron hangs down from the waist, and another light gray attachment goes around her neck and shoulders with a long red cape flowing behind. She does not wear a crown but instead a gold tiara and there is similarly colored armor on her lower arms and lower legs.

Her demeanor is haughty and she is supercilious towards men. Hippolyta is prepared to risk the life of her daughter (Wonder Woman) in order to honor her duty to the gods of Olympus. She carries a staff with a red gem or sphere mounted in its head which can be used as a weapon to shoot ray blasts and she is an Amazon warrior who can engage in close combat (even in her dress) hiting her opponents with the staff. Also, she can use sorcery to open a portal to the Fallen Realm.

It appears to be her responsibility to hold the witch Circe as a prisoner.


16. Luthor in Paradise




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