A superhero, and member of the Justice League.


Hawkman is said to come from Thanagar (an alien planet) but is shown as a tall human and is one of the more heavily built superheroes (along with Batman and Superman). He wears a dark green costume with dark red gloves, boots, and 'underpants', and a yellow belt. The cowl on his head is also yellow and it has a hint of a hawk's beak over the nose. He is not very talkative but is hard-headed in his dealings with villains.

His powers are not well explained and his main one of flight through the air could be assumed to be caused by the flapping of his wings except that he also does this when he flies through space. It is usually put down to the presence of alien 'Nth metal' in his costume but this is never mentioned. The wings are held in place by the crossed straps on his chest and are attached to a wider band across his back.


Hawkman has considerable strength as we see he can rip a door from a jail cell. In combat he brandishes a medieval-style mace which can knock down even super-powered opponents, and he always uses it to the exclusion of his fists. He can take considerable punishment in a fight and this may be due to the presence of armor of which we can see plates on his shoulders. There is more on the right than the left and more may completely cover his head and body except that we cannot see it because it is invisible. This might also help to explain how he can breathe in the vacuum of space.


The irreverent Lobo calls him "Cap'n Cluck-Cluck".


5. Follow that Space Cab!
12. Repulse!
28. The Fatal Fare
33. Best Day Ever
45. Race Against Crime
46. Party Animal (cameo)
51. Unleashed (cameo)



  • Hawkman never has many lines to speak so it is difficult to judge his character.


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