"Hat Trick" is the fifteenth episode of Justice League Action.


Felix Faust steals Zatanna's hat to use it to allow a powerful demon into the world and the Justice League are in a race to retrieve the hat to be able to stop him.


Batman Kevin Conroy
Zatanna Lacey Chabert
Etrigan (Jason Blood) Patrick Seitz
Felix Faust Jon Cryer
Ghast -
Merlin Patrick Seitz


In a shopping precinct of Gotham City, the mannequins in the windows turn into supernatural ghouls that smash through the glass and attack the shoppers. Batman and Zatanna combat them while Jason Blood looks on. The latter then changes into Etrigan the Demon who joins the fight. A ghostly figure reaches out behind Zatanna and grabs her hat and then dematerialises with it as the ghouls do as well. Batman identifies the figure as sorcerer Felix Faust and Zatanna says that he could use her hat as a portal to other dimensions. She detects that one of her in-hat rabbits is transmitting from the Scottish Hebrides so Etrigan calls on his master, Merlin, and a travel portal opens.

In a ruined castle, an aged Faust attempts, by magic, to raise a demon from the hat to grant him youthfulness but only Zatanna's rabbits appear. As the Justice League arrive nearby, the spell succeeds, the demon Ghast rises from the hat (as a huge, floating insect) and Faust's youth is restored. But the demon goes on a rampage across the countryside, sucking up everything below, and the three superheroes go in pursuit. As Zatanna turns back to deal with Faust, Batman and Etrigan jump on the back of Ghast as it makes for the nearest town.

Zatanna finds Faust about to leave and demands the return of her hat but Faust sets two stone gargoyles on her which leads to a lengthy struggle. Once Zatanna smashes the monsters, she overcomes Faust and chains him up, recovering her hat. She then begins the spell to recall the demon.

Batman tries bat-bombs and Etrigan demon fire but nothing will stop Ghast. When it reaches the town, Batman jumps down to help the people but becomes sucked upwards and has to be saved by Etrigan. As Zatanna's spell begins to work, Ghast is drawn back and eventually Batman and Etrigan jump off just before the demon disappears back into the hat. Bound Faust attempts a final, hopping escape but is tripped by the rabbits.

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