Briefly the headquarters of the Justice League until destroyed. Replaced by the Watchtower.


A large, low building somewhere in Metropolis with a wide plaza in front of it. Inside the spacious, empty hall, there is a large rotunda with a lift that leads to other levels.


Somewhere underneath is a training room where superheroes can spar with one another and use gym equipment. Also, there is a hangar for Justice One, the League's airplane/spacecraft, and a power room with a futuristic energy source.


The Hall is only seen in episode 3, Night of The Bat, and by the end it is in ruins after a battle between Superman and a demon-possessed Batman. Its replacement, the Watchtower, is built at the end of the next episode.



  • A carry over from earlier cartoon shows, the Hall of Justice perhaps sounded too much like a dull civic building and needed the more futuristic and adventurous Watchtower to replace it.
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