A terrorist organisation led by HIVE Master.


HIVE is a militaristic organisation that intends to convince or coerce people (usually the young) into joining a social hierarchy that is reminiscent of bees in a hive. They try to achieve this with acts of terror like large explosions in major cities or massed attacks in the streets accompanied by loud hailing of slogans. One of them is "new social behaviour is the only true hierarchy" and they consider free will to be a disease

Its foot soldiers are well equipped and wear armored battle suits which can sometimes be fitted with a rocket pack to enable them to fly. The gold-and-black color scheme, the insect-shaped helmets, the HIVE name, and their beliefs all confirm the identification with bees.


This is continued by their bipedal armored fighting vehicles which are bee-like in shape and are able to fly.


The one used by HIVE Master can shoot a sticky substance to trap its targets that has the look of honey.

Their bases are defended by heavy armament including missiles and can be hidden by invisibility cloaking devices.


22. The Trouble with Truth
27. Time Out
Short 3. Chemistry
Short 10. Justice 1, 2, 3, Go!



  • From elsewhere we learn that their name is an acronym for Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination - but other renderings are possible.
  • The HIVE that are the main antagonists in Teen Titans GO! appear to be a gang of super-villains only.
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