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A superhero, and member of the Green Lantern Corps and Justice League.


Green Lantern appears as a man of medium height, medium build, and black hair, and is in his traditional green-and-black costume complete with white gloves. This is the Hal Jordan version of him, and in character he is good-natured but perhaps a bit vain. Other League members address him as either "G.L." or "Lantern".

He wears a green power ring on a finger of his right hand which is the source of his powers, and using it, as well as being able to fly, he can project green light from it that forms into hard objects. Their form is only limited by his imagination. His body is often surrounded by a green glow (usually when he is flying) and this must provide protection from gunfire as well as allowing him to breathe in outer space. Against more super-powered threats, he can defend himself with a surrounding bubble or a shield.


To go on the offense, Green Lantern can use green rockets or missiles, but at close quarters a battle axe is preferred or an attempt made to grip the foe with giant pincers. An extreme example of attack is to use a green freight train on rails to hit an opponent. To deal with an unusual threat - like being gripped by tentacles - more everyday objects may be created like a meat cleaver or a pair of scissors.


He can lift a heavy object like the canopy of the Watchtower in a green net, and can haul a captive away in a box. However, the ring can run out of power if it is not regularly re-charged (traditionally every 24 hours) and his 'Power Battery' is needed to do this.


Green Lantern ought to be a member of the Green Lantern Corps which is mentioned a number of times but he is never seen to be associated with it. His power ring is said to belong to "Sector 2814" which is a reference to the Corps' subdivisions of the universe.

In one story we see him in the ordinary dress of Hal Jordan who tells us that he is a test pilot. He wears a special League belt to help him breathe in outer space.



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  • In this series, Hal Jordan's hair color is black instead of its usual brown.