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Green Arrow is a superhero and a member of the Justice League.


Green Arrow tells us that he is a "billionaire masked vigilante" just like Batman. He is of medium height and muscular build with fair hair including his moustache and beard. His sleeveless costume (with a Robin Hood theme) has a black body decorated with green and gray designs, and his pants are green with long black boots. Over his head there is a green hood with a black mask across his eyes. As a person, he is talkative and humorous but sometimes either excitable or sulky. He seeks the approval and friendship of Batman, and also has the intention to "make the world a better place" but can be weighed down by moral dilemmas.

His abilities come from the bow and arrows that he carries. The bow is of the compound type (i.e. of different materials) and can be slung across his back when not in use. The arrows are held in a quiver which is also on his back with its strap across his chest, and he has something like an archer's brace on his left arm.

Green Arrow most frequently uses plain arrows to knock over foes or disarm them but not to inflict serious injury. However, he also has a range of special arrows that have a container at the sharp end which will release another weapon like a set of bolas to trip opponents or a weighted net to entangle them.


Other containers are simply bombs to explode or to release smoke (some of these arrows can be rocket propelled for greater range) and some can release gas or deliver tranquilizer. One type of arrow head inflates into a boxing glove as it is taken from the quiver so that it can be loosed to deliver a punch into an antagonist's face - even two at a time.


The Joker dismisses Green Arrow as a "trick shooter".

Some arrows are attached to a line that runs out of the handle of the bow. Such arrows can have a head that folds out into a grappling hook for scaling buildings with the handle reeling in the line to haul Green Arrow upwards.


Similarly, arrows can grip an object for it to be reeled in. A particularly complicated arrangement is where multiple pulleys and lines are shot into an overhead girder to enable a heavy weight to be lifted.

We are not told much of Green Arrow's origin but in one story we see him flying to an island in the Bermuda Triangle that he says, "taught me how to be a hero in the first place."

Wonder Woman has addressed him as "Oliver" and in some stories forms a duo with him to allow for interesting dialog.


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  • The brace - if that is what it is - on his lower left arm should be on the inside to protect him from the lash of the bowstring.

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