A female 'pseudo-god', and a follower of Darkseid.

Description[edit | edit source]

Granny Goodness with her gray hair, portly figure, and short bent legs is a caricature of an elderly woman. She wears a tight, dark blue costume with yellow decorations, together with yellow leggings and a red cape. In an an unsteady, aged voice, she can speak in the manner of a kindly old lady, but only to hide her true cruel nature. She speaks to some around her as though they are children in her care.

She is one of the New Gods from Apokolips and is a likely member of Darkseid's Elite, and tells us that she runs an orphanage (and will kidnap children for it). Granny Goodness can be seen either in the presence of Darkseid or on missions for him, and also in the company of his son Kalibak whom she orders around. When on operations she can be escorted by two characters (called the Female Furies elsewhere) that provide martial support, or by parademons, or be just on her own (in disguise).

Granny Goodness, despite her apparent age, will enthusiastically join in combat and is tough enough to survive a hit from Superman. She always carries a weapon shaped like a stonemason's mallet (and called a 'mega-rod' elsewhere) which can create a strong shockwave when hit on a hard surface and which can also shoot a green beam. For transport she can stand on a floating disk or just carry a 'motherbox'.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

35. Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp
43. It'll Take a Miracle
47. Watchtower Tours
Short 9. Special Delivery

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