The home town of Batman and many of the villains seen in this show.


Gotham City is the setting for many of the episodes of this show. It is depicted as being dark, old, and run down - Poison Ivy calls it a "decaying urban wasteland". There are a number of prominent landmarks one of which is the Clock Tower.


Another is a tall building with the family name of Bruce Wayne displayed on it - probably Wayne Tower. It appears to hold advanced technology that can be targeted for theft by villains.


Somewhere on a rocky hilltop, perhaps on or beyond the edge of town, is Arkham Asylum where certain disturbed and dangerous patients are held like The Riddler, Solomon Grundy, and Poison Ivy.


The city also has Gotham Zoo where, amongst other animals, Harley Quinn's hyenas are kept.

We see Commissioner Gordon acting as a police chief there though he is not mentioned by name.




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