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Gorilla Grodd is a villainous super-gorilla that is hostile to humankind.


Grodd is a gorilla who, we are told, has super-intelligence and comes from a place called Gorilla City though its location is not specified. He has a hatred for all humans and a megalomaniac desire to conquer the world and replace them. He appears to be much the same size as a fully grown gorilla but has enhanced strength and toughness, enabling him to engage in combat with Superman. He is able to exert mind control but only when wearing a special helmet and even then only over the giant chimp Titano. Grodd does not wear clothes but can be accompanied by an army of gorilla henchmen who wear tunics and carry guns.



29. Mxy's Mix-Up
39. The Brain Buster (cameo)
41. Harley Goes Ape!
44. System Error (cameo)



  • Grodd’s voice actor, David Sobolov, reprised his role from the CW series The Flash.