"Galaxy Jest" is the eighth episode of Justice League Action.


The Joker hides a gigantic laughing gas bomb in Gotham City but is then unexpectedly beamed up into an alien spaceship, and the Justice League have to get him back to be able to halt the explosion.


BatmanKevin Conroy
SupermanJason J. Lewis
Wonder WomanRachel Kimsey
FlashCharlie Schlatter
JokerMark Hamill
MongulJohn DiMaggio


The Joker has planted a bomb in Gotham City containing 50,000 tons of super laughing gas that is due to go off at midnight and only he knows where it is hidden. As Batman closes in to capture him, Joker is unexpectedly beamed up into a spaceship and disappears. While Superman and Wonder Woman go in pursuit of the spaceship to get Joker back, Batman enlists Flash to help locate the bomb by searching the city at super-speed.

On the spaceship, Joker learns that he has been abducted by Mongul the tyrannical, militaristic ruler of planet Warworld for the purpose of making his followers laugh but on pain of death for failure. Joker is only able get a laugh by making fun of Mongul in front of his people so the latter drags Joker away to be ejected into space. Superman saves him but becomes embroiled in a fight with Mongul while Wonder Woman shoots up the spaceship from outside. As the fight continues Wonder Woman lands and joins in but Superman throws Mongul about and wrecks his ship. Joker tries to escape but Wonder Woman captures him and leaves with Superman.

Batman and Flash cannot locate the bomb but then realise its location from something Joker had said. Batman tries to defuse the bomb but it detonates and is just able to avoid the blast. Flash wafts the laughing gas back towards the building and Superman arrives to suck it all in. He flies out into space and blows it into Mongul's spaceship. The latter declares his hatred for Superman but can't stop laughing long enough to do anything about it.

On Earth the Joker is thrown into the police wagon. He's the only one who isn't laughing.


  • The title of this episode is a reference to Galaxy Quest.
  • Joker being a terrible stand-up comedian is most likely a reference to his origin in Batman: The Killing Joke where he was a failed comedian.
  • In two scenes we can see Commissioner Gordon in the background with his distinctive walrus moustache.


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