The Fortress of Solitude is Superman's isolated retreat at the North Pole. Also a secondary headquarters for the Justice League.


From the outside, the Fortress of Solitude looks like a pyramid of huge blocks of ice standing on top of a base of ice cliffs. The entrance is in the base and, after entering and passing along a gangway over a chasm, the Fortress becomes a maze of corridors, one of which goes through a menagerie containing alien plants and animals.


The rooms have high ceilings with stalactite-like objects hanging down and the walls and floors look like they are made of stone or metal. One of the rooms is the Arsenal Room where the weaponry is held and another is the Krypton Room which has the Phantom Zone projector at the far end.


Somewhere else, the bottled city of Kandor is held, and robot copies of Superman can be called upon to protect it as well as the rest of the Fortress.


Krypto can also be left on guard duty.




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