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Template:Episode"Follow that Space Cab!" is the fifth episode of the first season of Justice League Action. It is the overall fifth episode of the series.


Superman teams up with Hawkman and Space Cabby to protect Mr Mind from Lobo.


In space, Superman is attempting to escort terrorist Mr Mind into custody at Jutice League headquarters but is being pursued by bounty hunters Lobo and Jonas armed with a red sun ray blaster. They want to take Mr Mind instead, dead or alive, to gangster Boss Kack to receive a reward. Superman crashes into the back seat of Space Cabby's cab and tells him to step on the gas. Superman also uses the radio to request backup, and Hawkman responds.

Lobo stops the cab with a grenade and also treacherously disposes of Jonas to avoid sharing the reward but becomes embroiled in a fight with Hawkman amongst some asteroids. Hawkman is led into a trap, but Superman intervenes to save him and the fight continues. In the cab, Mr Mind escapes and Space Cabby is unable to recapture him. In the ongoing fight outside, Mr Mind, a small worm, is accidentally trodden on and squashed to a pulp by Lobo. The latter takes some of the remains as evidence of death and leaves to collect his reward. Superman, with the remainder of Mr Mind, returns to League headquarters.

On Boss Kack's planet, Lobo learns that worms can regenerate their bodies so that no reward will be paid without the rest of the remains.

At League headquarters, Superman and Hawkman watch Mr Mind recover in his glass cell but don't have the spare cash to pay Cabby's fare. Hawkman has a piece of coal from an asteroid and Superman presses it into a diamond and gives it to Cabby.

Appearing in "Follow that Space Cab!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Space Cabby (First Appearance)


  • Lobo (First Appearance)
  • Jonas (First Appearance)
  • Mr. Mind (First Appearance)
  • Boss Kack (First Appearance)



Troy Baker - Hawkman, Jonas

John DiMaggio - Lobo

Jason J. Lewis - Superman, Boss Kack

Patton Oswalt - Space Cabby

Oliver Vaquer - Mr. Mind



Cultural References

  • Lobo calls Hawkman "Foghorn", most likely referring to the Looney Tunes character, Foghorn Leghorn.
  • Lobo also calls Hawkman "Big Bird", referencing the Sesame Street character.
  • When complaining about his shift in the opening, Space Cabbie mentions Tamaran, the home planet of Teen Titan heroine Starfire.