"Follow That Space Cab!" is the fifth episode in the Justice League Action show.


As Superman attempts to take Mr. Mind into custody while pursued by Lobo, he has to seek the help of Space Cabbie to be able to request backup from the Justice League.


SupermanJason J. Lewis
HawkmanTroy Baker
LoboJohn DiMaggio
JonasTroy Baker
Mister MindOliver Vaquer
Boss KackJason J. Lewis
Space CabbiePatton Oswalt


After a long working day, Space Cabbie drives through space heading for some relaxation at Al's Diner, when suddenly something smashes through his rear window (which is automatically replaced.) Looking back, he sees Superman on the rear seat clutching his chest in pain and who tells him to quickly drive on to escape his pursuers. Outside, some distance away, bounty hunter Lobo and his partner Jonas are chasing after the cab on their space bikes, and Lobo shoots at the target with his red sun-powered blaster having already hit Superman with it. Inside, the wounded Superman is holding a glass sphere that contains the tiny Mister Mind who says that Boss Kack has offered a reward for him for failing to repay a loan. The superhero uses the cab's radio to call for backup from the Justice League and explains to Cabbie that Mr. Mind is being taken to League headquarters to be held on terrorism charges.

Space Cabbie drives on, evading asteroids and ray blasts, until Lobo and Jonas pull alongside and demand he hand over Superman and his captive. Cabbie refuses and slams on the brakes to lose the bounty hunters but Lobo hurls a negative ion grenade that disables the cab. After an argument with Jonas over the reward, Lobo sends his now bound partner speeding off through space and continues after the cab, but is suddenly hit hard by something that smashes him onto an asteroid. As he looks up, he sees Hawkman flying in, mace in hand. The backup has arrived. Hawkman tells Lobo to leave the area but the latter hurls a rock into the superhero's face and rides off but away from the cab and with Hawkman following.

The still weak Superman uses his telescopic vision to scan for any trap that his colleague might fall into and sees him heading for a coal mine on an asteroid. There, Lobo ambushes Hawkman, knocks him to the ground, and shoots at close range. But Superman interposes and absorbs the blast, revived by the yellow sun rising behind him. He smashes Lobo away, and then both he and Hawkman become involved in a drawn out struggle on the asteroid with the stubborn bounty hunter while Space Cabbie looks on from the cab which has landed. Inside, the glass cell has been damaged and Mr. Mind has escaped to hide behind the dashboard. Cabbie cannot reach him so tries flattery on the egotistical worm and asks for a selfie to add to his collection. When Mr. Mind agrees, he blinds him with the flash and catches him, but a hurtling Lobo crashes into the cab so that the worm escapes again. As the two superheroes continue to batter the biker, he offers to split the reward with them, but then steps back onto the fleeing Mr. Mind and squashes him to a pulp. Lobo wipes the mess off his boot and keeps part of it before throwing the bulk to Superman. He then rides away on his bike with enough evidence of the victim's death to collect the reward.

Later, on an alien planet, Lobo shares a drink with gangster Boss Kack and asks for his money. Although Kack agrees that the remains belong to Mr. Mind, he demands the rest of him as he knows that worms can regenerate their bodies. Lobo gulps as a battery of guns train their lasers on him.

Elsewhere, Mr. Mind quickly regenerates but finds himself imprisoned in another transparent cell, this time in the Watchtower. Space Cabbie grabs a selfie with him and then hesitantly asks the two superheroes for his fare. Superman admits that he has no cash but Hawkman presents a piece of coal that he has plucked from his feathers and his colleague takes it and squeezes it into a huge diamond. Cabbie takes it and is almost satisfied but is finally happy when he gets another selfie with the two Justice Leaguers.


  • Lobo calls Hawkman "Foghorn", most likely referring to the Looney Tunes character, Foghorn Leghorn.
  • Lobo also calls Hawkman "Big Bird", referencing the Sesame Street character.
  • When complaining about his shift in the opening, Space Cabbie mentions Tamaran, the home planet of Teen Titan heroine Starfire.
    • The other destination, Korugar, is the home planet of Sinestro.


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