A superhero, and member of the Justice League.


Firestorm was created in an accident that caused the fusion of the teenager called Ronald 'Ronnie' Raymond with the more elderly Professor Stein to make "the world's first nuclear-powered superhero". Firestorm speaks with the voice of Ronald and has his personality, but the Professor is just a voice and image in his (Firestorm's) head and with whom he talks out loud. He wears his traditional red-and-orange costume and has the appearance of a teenager except that there are flames issuing from his head in place of hair perhaps to indicate that there is something of an ongoing nuclear reaction about him.

As a person, Firestorm is young, very talkative, and one of the show's comedic characters, but his conversation can be beside-the-point. He is inexperienced which often leads him to make mistakes that he has to correct, or just get into situations that he cannot handle, leading him to seek the Professor's technical advice.

Firestorm's power is said to be "the ability to manipulate matter at the sub-atomic level" and this means that, although he cannot transform living matter, he can effectively change anything inanimate into anything else that is but on a limited scale (including organic matter), presumably by changing or rearranging atoms. For instance he can make a gun dissolve into sand or a concrete block turn into marshmallows. He can also frivolously create a slice of pizza from thin air and eat it. All this is usually done by projecting yellow energy beams from the palms of his hands at the target.


For something more substantial - like an area of ground - he needs to touch it directly. He is also able to absorb energy and make use of it, e.g. he can intercept ray blasts and redirect them back at their source.

Firestorm can pass through objects by burning his way through but he can also do it without causing damage.


He is able to float in the air - presumably by manipulating its molecules - and can fly at speed using jets of flame issuing from either his heels or the entire rear side of his body and legs.


Firestorm is occasionally seen in his original form of Ronald either in flashback or during a temporary split with the Professor.


In his relationships, Stargirl twice shows an interest in him and in another episode he flirts with the villainous Killer Frost who seems to know him beforehand.


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