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A villainous sorcerer, and enemy of the Justice League.


Felix Faust has the appearance of a delicate young man of medium height with long, black hair, a Roman nose, and tanned skin. He wears a blue, full-length "Tibetan" gown which Firestorm jokingly likens to a Hawaiian muumuu.


In character, he is youthful and speaks and acts with playfulness in addition to meanness. On more than one occasion he is seen frivolously riding a self-balancing scooter and, in the middle of a battle, can ask an escort to bring him something to eat.

He is a sorcerer of considerable skill and can cast spells with a wave of the hand and a flash of light, sometimes accompanied by a Latin incantation. He can de-materialise and re-materialise himself, possess a person by cohabiting their body, and remove the memories of people and store them in a special orb. In combat, he tends to rely on the support of monstrous minions that he recruits or creates: skeleton-like ghouls, stone demons, animated statues (golems) or flying suits of armor.

On his first appearance, he is seen to be aged and frail but soon has his youth restored by the demon Ghast that he conjures from Zatanna's hat. He remains youthful to the end of the series.



15. Hat Trick
38. Forget Me Not
49. Captain Bamboozle
Short 20. The Goddess Must Be Crazy



  • In the comics of the early 1960s, Felix Faust was an enemy of the Justice League and was associated with three demons also seen in this series: Abnegazar, Rath and Ghast.
  • During the New 52 comics reboot, he had become exceptionally old, as seen here initially, as part of a bargain to have someone released from Hell. He was never seen to become young as here.