A supernatural superhero, and member of the Justice League.


Etrigan (or Etrigan the Demon) is one of the comedic characters of the show and always speaks in humorous rhyme. He is shown as a bulky demon with long arms and broad shoulders and stands with his short legs bent and splayed. He wears his traditional red costume (with blue cape) over his yellow skin and has small horns on his head, red eyes, and webbed ears.

He is linked to an arcane human called Jason Blood who is known to Batman and, when Blood summons the demon from a place of fire (presumably Hell), he disappears and is replaced by Etrigan.

When involved in combat, Etrigan makes use of "mystic fire" which shoots from his mouth, is effective against supernatural opponents, and must be the main reason why the Justice League needs his services.


He cannot perform magic himself but can call upon the assistance of his magical master, Merlin, by calling out the latter's name who is then able to help by, for instance, opening a travel portal or creating a special form of transport for Etrigan to use.


14. Speed Demon
15. Hat Trick



  • In the early 1970s, this character's comic was called The Demon as though it was his superhero name, and he is alternately known as 'Etrigan the Demon' perhaps to remind us.


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