Doctor Light is a superhero with the power of light manipulation.

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Once an arrogant astronomer Kimiyo was struck by an unknown cosmic radiation that bestowed upon her metahuman powers to manipulate light and flight. Now Kimiyo uses her new powers to help the world and joined the Justice League as Doctor Light.

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  • Vega Energy Conduit: Kimiyo channelled energy from Alpha Lyrae aka Vega. The star is 25 light-years from Earth and is located in the Lyra constellation in Sector 2828. Bright and hot, it allowed her access to near-unlimited energy.
    • Photokinesis:
    • Light Absorption: She could absorb all forms of illumination, and internalize it for a variety of uses.
    • Light Manipulation:
    • Light Transformation:
    • Light Projection
    • Energy Construct Creation
    • Flight:
    • Force Field
    • Destructive Energy:
    • Destructive Laser Beams:
    • Illusion Casting
    • Phasing
    • Multilingualism: Kimiyo spoke Japanese and English.
    • Astronomy: Kimiyo Hoshi had a Ph.D. in Astronomy.
    • Medical Science

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  • Nyctophobia: Fear of darkness.
  • Light Dependency: (Formerly) She previously required some source of light to power her abilities. As such an area of absolute darkness severly weakens her abilities.

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Arthur Light is another version of Doctor Light, who is a super-villain to the Teen Titans.

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Doctor Light is the fifth person in the top row

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