A superhero, and member of the Justice League.


Doctor Fate is seen both as an adult and, at another time, as a ten-year-old. In his grown-up form, he wears his usual blue-yellow costume complete with the golden Helmet of Fate, a cape with turned-down collar, and a broad yellow belt rather than the 'underpants'. At each side of the waist there is an Egyptian ankh-shaped 'key'. As a child, he wears a similar costume and we see that he has fair hair when not wearing the helmet. The adult Doctor Fate does not have any lines to speak so it is not possible to determine his character.

His powers are magical and come from the Helmet of Fate, and loses those powers when not wearing it. It is implied that his magic is more powerful than that of either Zatanna or Constantine when he is seen to be the only one who can effect their escape from the House of Mystery, and seems more effective at detecting supernatural threats like the appearance of that house. However, he is able to be ambushed by another powerful sorcerer, Klarion the Witch Boy, who is the one who turns him into a ten-year-old.


13. Trick or Threat
46. Party Animal (cameo)




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