Doctor Destiny is a Supervillain and an evil sorcerer, an enemy of Etrigan the Demon

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Powers, Skills, and Abilities, Edit

  • Dream Manipulation:
  • Extensive Medical Knowledge:
  • Indomitable Will:
  • Occultism:
  • Science:
  • Swordsman:
  • Magic:
    • Flight:
    • Fear Projection:
    • Force Field:
    • Possession:
    • Pyrokinesis:
    • Reality Warping

Weapons, and Equipment, Edit

  • Dreamstone:
  • Reality Alteration: He acquired reality-warping powers great enough to create entire realities out of dreams and memories, even without the stone itself in his possession,
  • Materioptikon:

Weaknesses Edit

  • Power Instability: Inability to dream had turned him into a twisted, skeletal wreck of a man; white better, he is still extremely feeble.

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Season One

  • Night of Fear (First Appearance)

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