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An assassin, and an enemy of Batman and the Justice League.


Deadshot is a tall man of medium build who wears a tight red costume with gray decorations that, on the chest, has a disk with a crosshair symbol on it. At his waist is a belt from which he hangs his equipment. Covering his head he has a gray mask (which may be metallic) and over his right eye (or replacing it) has a red device that may help him aim his weapons with accuracy. He speaks with a gruff voice and likes to project the persona of a tough guy who is calm and unflappable. Even Superman does not worry him, but he is scared of Batman who dislikes him and for many years has wanted him sent to prison.

He is an assassin (Batman calls him a "sharpshooter") who hires out his services to fellow villains like The Penguin and Lex Luthor. To carry out this function he has made himself into a walking arsenal. His initial weapon is a sniper's rifle of which there is more than one design.


If he loses it in combat he can quickly draw one of his pistols which are held in holsters on each thigh, and even if he drops these he can pull out a tazer and jab it into an opponent's chest, and he is very quick and agile in close combat even being able to dodge Wonder Woman's lunges.

Deadshot's most frequently used guns are in boxes strapped to his forearms that have short, protruding barrels and have a high rate of fire. To use against a larger target like the Batmobile, he uses a longer weapon that fires RPG rounds and which he can sling across his back. He hangs grenades from his belt and these can be thrown to block the progress of opponents in the street, but also makes use of much more destructive bombs to dispose of his foes. Electrocuting devices can be hurled at flying targets to bring them down, and a gun that shoots tranquiliser darts is used to take hit contract victims alive. He can carry a holdall for his larger weapons.

The Penguin knows him as "Floyd".


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