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Darkseid is an New God and the ruler of Apokolips.


Darkseid is one of the main antagonists of the show and is depicted as being solidly built and of giant stature with gray skin and a heavy-featured, square-jawed face that has a craggy, stoney look. His eyes glow red. He wears a tight, dark blue body suit with bare arms and legs that has a hood that covers only the back half of his head, and he has knee length boots on his legs. In a deep, resonant voice he speaks in an overbearing and threatening manner to those around him, though he sometimes just growls to show his displeasure. He is extremely tyrannical and has plans not only to conquer the Earth but to subjugate the entire universe by eradicating all "sentient thought" using the "Anti-Life Equation" and his "Life Void Machine". Probably as a preliminary to these actions, he intends to eliminate Superman and the Justice League.

He is physically powerful and is at least on a par with Superman, though he can come off worst in a fight with him. To give an advantage, Darkseid makes use of red beams that shoot from his eyes to destroy an opponent, and which will change direction to home in on the target.


They make a noise like a whipping cable, and a fleeing Superman is only just able to stay ahead of them. He also has yellow eye beams which will shoot straight at a victim though they have little effect on Superman. For convenient travel by 'boomtube' he carries a slim 'motherbox' on his belt.

Darkseid is the dictator and 'god' of the planet Apokolips and is one of the New Gods (they refer to humans as "mortals"). He is supported by an entourage called Darkseid's Elite and these individuals can propose plans of action to their ruler and then carry them out, but can be threatened with destruction for failure. One member of the entourage is Steppenwolf who appears to have a military command function. There is also an army of 'parademons' to do the fighting and kidnapping, and Apokolips has a fleet of spaceships that travel by boomtube to perform invasions. There are also human collaborators on Earth to assist with Darkseid's operations there. To help plan the defeat of the Justice League, Darkseid can maintain (in a "pocket dimension") a holographic training simulation in the image of Metropolis and populated by robot duplicates of heroes and villains.

Darkseid has a natural son, Kalibak, but has chosen as his successor his adopted son, Mister Miracle, who has then fled into exile with a part of the Anti-Life Equation that Darkseid needs to be able to carry out his evil plans.


28. The Fatal Fare
35. Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp
43. It'll Take a Miracle
44. System Error



  • Apparently, Darkseid has two set of laser beams, one is yellow that he use to stun opponents and the other is red that he can manipulate to target his enemies (which is the one he uses more regularly).

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