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Cyborg is a superhero and a member of the Justice League.


Cyborg is one of the more prominent members of the Justice League. As a cybernetic organism, he is part human and part machine, and, even though he is a teenager, is tall and wears a bulky, white mechanical suit that makes him much broader than the other superheroes. The the right side of his head is exposed to show his colored skin and cropped black hair but the whole of his nose and mouth are also visible, and he has a large, red electronic eye on the metallic left. He is forthright in his opinions and talks quickly and loudly in a Black American voice but is also young in nature and has an obsession with video games and collectible toys (the latter can be kept in a room in the Watchtower). We often hear his trademark cry of "booyah!" and both friends and enemies jokingly call him "Tin Man".

His powers come from the mechanism that is his suit and from its bulk it is likely that he has considerable strength, though we do not see him make use of it other than to frogmarch villains into captivity. His lower legs can change from large boots into rounder shapes with fins on the outside in order to provide jet thrust to enable him to fly and hover.


Cyborg's arms normally end in hands but these can also change individually with the forearm and hand becoming a cylindrically shaped weapon that can shoot an energy beam (usually called a sonic blaster elsewhere).


In defense, from a rounded area on the outside of his forearm, he can project a protective bubble to stop heavy blows and shots from hitting him.


Being partly electrical and electronic in form, he is particularly vulnerable to electric shocks and electromagnetic pulses which will leave him incapacitated.

Cyborg is also the Justice League's expert on digital systems and communications and he is sometimes seen working control panels or checking screens in the Watchtower. He can hack into other systems wirelessly just by pointing his finger to emit an electrical discharge, and can wreck another system by changing a hand into a pair of electrodes and jamming it into the circuits. Cyborg is sometimes seen at the controls of Justice One.

He has some sensory ability and can scan another person in an attempt to locate hidden objects.


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