"Classic Rock" is the first episode of Justice League Action. It is also the first part of the Shazam Slam series premiere.


When Black Adam seizes the Rock of Eternity and threatens to unleash the Brothers Djinn upon the world, the evicted Wizard needs the help of the Justice League to try to stop him.


Batman Kevin Conroy
Shazam (Billy Batson) Sean Astin
Black Adam Gary Cole
Brothers Djinn -
The Wizard Carl Reiner


It is nighttime in Gotham City, and from a rooftop Batman hears a voice cry out against unseen assailants. He drops down into an alley to shield an old man with a long white beard from an attack by three dark figures who have monstrous plant-like faces. Batman wrestles with them, but weapons from his Utility Belt have no effect. Fortunately, the old man intervenes, changing his appearance into that of a wizard-like magician, and by casting a spell disperses the monsters before running off and down into the Subway. He searches through the tunnels alongside the tracks for a hidden entrance to what he calls "The Rock". Batman continues to stalk him despite the passing trains and after confronting him is told that he is known as "The Wizard". The latter does not want Batman's help but does explain why he needs to get to the Rock.

In a long exposition, the Wizard recounts that he used to be the guardian of the Rock where various evil spirits and demons were held prisoner in it's walls - in particular the Brothers Djinn. However, a former champion of his called Black Adam became an evil rival and arrived to claim control of the Rock. When the Wizard called upon the young boy Billy Batson to defend him by transforming into the superhero Shazam, Black Adam used a small black orb to trap the magical powers as they were being transferred which left both Billy and the Wizard powerless. With Billy held prisoner, the Wizard was expelled to Earth together with some monsters to torment him.

Batman is now determined to help, but the Wizard just walks away and disappears. When the three monsters reappear, Batman backs away, unexpectedly passes through a portal, and finds himself floating in what looks like outer space except that he can breathe in it. Alongside him is the Wizard who tells him that this is " The Void" and he points to the Rock which looks like a large asteroid in the distance. Batman helps the old man to reach it and they both peek through the door to see Back Adam release some of the evil spirits to terrorise the streets of Gotham City. The Wizard says that the orb only needs to be broken to release Shazam's powers, and so Batman decides to go and retrieve it.

As Billy causes a distraction, Batman reaches for the orb but is spotted and fights a losing battle with the powerful Adam. Pinned to the wall with magical shackles, he can only watch while the Wizard is also laid low and sees the Brothers Djinn released onto Earth. However, the old man shouts out to Billy that he only has to say the magic word with extra determination to release the powers from the orb. At the third attempt, Billy transforms into Shazam and proceeds to beat Black Adam into submission. The Wizard has also recovered and expels the villain to the "farthest reaches of the galaxy" while Shazam enthusiastically pursues the freed demons to Earth.

The Wizard now finally thanks Batman for his help to which the latter responds with unusual good humor.

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  • In this episode, the wizard says he banished Black Adam to the edge of the galaxy, but it's said in Abate and Switch that he was banished to the prehistoric age.


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