A female sorcerer and an enemy of Wonder Woman and the Amazons.


Circe has the appearance of a woman of medium height with fair skin and (literally) red hair that has a lightning stroke motif running through it. She is dressed in a tight, dark green costume that is bare between the shoulders with an apron hanging down from her waist, and it has some similarities to the dress of the Amazons with what appears to be armor at the shoulders, lower arms, and possibly the thighs.

She calls herself a witch and uses magic against her foes which can involve energy blasts from her hands, forming giant hands from stone, or turning people into trees.

Circe is known to both Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor, and the Amazons also have an interest in her. When she is finally captured, Queen Hippolyta implies that she will be held prisoner in the 'pits of Tartarus'.


16. Luthor in Paradise



  • This makes Circe's second appearance in an animated show. Her first appearance was in the Justice League Unlimited.


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