A super-villain and an enemy of Batman and the Justice League.


Chronos is seen to be tall and strongly built with a squat head and square jaw. He wears a tight cowl of pure white that completely covers his head, a tight dark gray costume with yellow decorations and a yellow cape with a large collar. On his forehead he has a round symbol with two arrows pointing from it like the face of a clock and he also has an hourglass symbol on his chest. Chronos speaks with a shrill, comical voice and mocks his opponents with juvenile antics and laughter.

He is an expert in the study of time and makes use of a special gauntlet that fits on his left hand which can be used to open a portal to enable him to travel in time. It is charged up using glowing blue tubes (said to be 'bottled, concentrated time' elsewhere) stolen from Wayne Enterprises. The gauntlet also has a function that allows Chronos to see one second into the future to enable him to dodge punches, and his eyes light up when this feature is activated. In combat he can use a gun that shoots "time bombs" that cause the target to freeze in time for almost a minute. For normal transport, he rides a motorised unicycle where he sits inside its large wheel.

Chronos is able to give advice to Lex Luthor on the subject of time and speed, speaking with pedantic precision as he does so. He also has a hideout in an abandoned building in Gotham City.


9. Time Share
45. Race Against Crime


  • Chronos is the only character in the show to have a typically silly cartoon voice.
  • In the comics he is sometimes seen standing on a flying platform in the shape of a sundial. Here, a small version of it is seen leaning against a wall in his hideout.
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