A gangster boss from Batman's early career.


Carmine Falcone is shown as a mature, olive-skinned and heavy set man whose double-breasted suit stretches tightly about him. He has conspicuous white spats over his shoes. When he speaks in a typically broad gangster accent he sounds tough and cynical. As he does so, he chews on a matchstick before contemptuously flicking it at a victim.

He is an antagonist from the beginning of Batman's career when he was the leader of the Falcone crime family which, we are told, was involved in kidnapping, smuggling, and racketeering. Carmine Falcone would hold meetings with the heads of those criminal enterprises at his warehouse hideout in Gotham City. There he would be backed by a crew of thugs armed with tommy guns.

The time-travelling villain Chronos attempts to stop Batman from taking down Falcone and so stop him from embarking on a successful crime-fighting career, but fails.


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