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A super-villain and an enemy of Mister Terrific.


Calculator is depicted as tall and slim with a black costume that covers him from head to toe and is decorated with occasional white lines. He looks through a narrow slit like that on a welder's hood, and he has the gray design of a calculator's keyboard and LED display across his chest. In his high-pitched voice he irritates his opponents with puns, and chuckles as he escapes from them.

His abilities are not made clear, but, as he is considered to be exceptionally intelligent and talks about calculating, "crunching numbers", and estimates of chance, this must explain how he has learned to hack into Mister Terrific's 'T-Spheres' and take control of them. His suit contains technology controlled from a panel on his right forearm that can cause beams to shoot from devices that rise from the back of either hand and are used either as weapons or to communicate with other technology. The display on his chest can give warning messages.

Calculator is known to Mr. Terrific and he has a secret hideout somewhere in Metropolis.


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