A band of five demons that are unleashed on the world in the first episode, and opposed by the Justice League.


The Brothers Djinn are a group of demons - djinn is an arabic word meaning "demon, genie" - that are initially trapped in the walls of the Rock of Eternity by The Wizard but are released by Black Adam into the world to cause trouble. Their intent is to return the Earth to a state it had been in billions of years before by splitting open the Earth's crust.

They are depicted as weird, anthropoid monsters with unusual colors and patterns on their skin. Their powers are magical and can involve casting spells. Batman implies that they need to be returned to the Rock of Eternity, but it is not clear what happens to them after they are defeated by the Justice League.



1. Classic Rock (brief)
2. Power Outage (Calythos only)
3. Night of The Bat (Uthool only)
4. Abate and Switch (remaining three)



  • Abnegazar, Rath and Ghast were the names of demons first seen in Justice League of America comic #10 in March 1962 who wanted to return to return the Earth to what it had been like billions of years before. The names Calythos, Uthool and Nyorlath were only attached to magical objects that the demons used.
  • Their name must be a play on "The Brothers Grimm", the nineteenth-century German fairytale writers.
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