An evil sorcerer, and enemy of Batman and Zatanna.


Brother Night has the appearance of a human except that his skin is very drawn and blue in color and this, together with his long white hair, gives him some of the look of a corpse. The hair on top of his head is black. He is dressed in a smart suit with a tie and carries a cane with a metal knob. Though well spoken, his manner is creepy and condescending, and his intention is to perpetrate evil particularly to corrupt good characters like Batman.

He is a practitioner of magic which is done by a wave of his hands. We see him use it to present a vision to Batman of the superhero's devilish potential, and he also enchants a bat-bomb in order to possess the Batmobile with an evil spirit. He also does something similar by possessing Harley Quinn. Brother Night's powers must be limited as he seems to need the support of others like the devil Ember who appears to act as his bodyguard, and also, in combat, he is accompanied by a group of red wraiths that swirl in the air above him.

Somewhere in Gotham City, Brother Night maintains a nightclub that is only frequented by demons but it is known to Batman and Zatanna.


7. Zombie King
14. Speed Demon




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