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An alien super-villain, and an enemy of Superman and the Justice League.


Brainiac is a tall, slim, green-skinned alien who has a head with a human-like face except that he has large yellow eyes underneath prominent eyebrows, and has a bulbous cranium that must contain a very large brain. This version of him only has a few electrodes on the head. He wears a black-and-purple costume with large gray boots and what may be a pair of holsters at his hips. It is not clear whether he is a robot or is partly organic but he speaks carefully and precisely, quoting statistics as though he is calculating like a computer. Referring to himself in the third person, he is dismissive of others and tells us that he is a "superior intelligence". His computer system addresses him as "Brainiac Prime".

He has a single-minded determination to record information about planets before destroying them (no reason is given) and keeps samples from them in the form of almost 10,000 shrunken cities each inside its own bottle. Brainiac even daydreams about tending to these. He maintains a database for his information and tells us when he is updating it.

Brainiac does not appear to be physically powerful and makes use of advanced technology to defend himself and attack others. He is able to fly and float in the air, and can surround himself with a green force field that acts like a protective cage in the shape of a sphere of polygons. Superman can knock this about but cannot penetrate it. Brainiac can shoot destructive beams from his hands and can also levitate small items with another type of beam, but he can also just use a ray gun or throw an EMP bomb. He can remotely command many hovering spherical drones that are able to shoot ray blasts and they can suddenly adapt to nullify the powers of different superheroes.


A large saucer-like spaceship is used by Brainiac for transport and is crewed by robots.


It can shoot green beams (probably of kryptonite) to drive away Superman, and has a "miniturisation cannon" for shrinking an entire city. The bottled samples are kept in a compartment on the ship, and his drones are based in the ship too. Brainiac's computer system is also kept on board and is so advanced that even Cyborg cannot hack into it. Another form of transport used by Brainiac is a hovering tank which can hide beneath snow and ice.


When using this, Brainiac is accompanied by a flying robot with tentacles called B-3 which will defend him and attack others.


17. Plastic Man Saves the World
24. Battle for the Bottled City



  • His head looks like that of the Mekon from the old Dan Dare comics of the 1950s.