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An alien gangster and associate of Lobo.


Boss Kack is a minor character seen briefly in one episode. We only see the top half of him but he is large and broad with green alien skin, a round head with four yellow eyes, and has at least four arms. He wears a dark blue suit with a tie and has what appears to be a fez with a tassel on his head. Speaking with authority with a mature and well spoken voice, he is ruthless in his dealings with others.

We are told he is a gangster and that he makes loans to unscrupulous characters and puts out hit contracts on them when they try to avoid repayment. For protection, he surrounds himself with a floating battery of guns to deal with dangerous people like Lobo.


5. Follow that Space Cab!



  • His suit, fez, deep voice, and well-spoken accent suggest a connection with characters played by Sidney Greenstreet in old Humphrey Bogart movies.