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A superhero and a member of the Justice League.


Booster Gold is a time traveller from the 25th century depicted as being tall, well-built, and having blonde hair. He wears the skin-tight version of his usual yellow-and-black costume complete with yellow goggles.

He is one of the comedy characters and we are shown different sides to him as a person. People in the future have developed such short attention spans that they have become shallow and ignorant, and so Booster is shown to be lazy and irresponsible with an immature 'cool dude' attitude. His frivolity and lack of diligence makes the dutiful Batman consider him to be a good-for-nothing. He also seeks fame and fortune, calling himself an "entrepreneur", and has an obsession with petty money-making schemes, none of which appear to be viable business ventures. To explain this, in one story we see him in the future where he is down on his luck but about to marry a wealthy heiress when he decides that he needs to better himself first and flees to the present day to make his fortune. In another story we see a quite different side to him when, from his remote base of Vanishing Point, he impressively monitors space-time for serious time-related problems that he can try to fix - but still with his relaxed and jokey manner. He is anxious to match Batman in sparring matches in the gym but always loses to the first punch.

Booster Gold is the Justice League's expert in time travel and his abilities in that field come from his "time suit" (he has apparently stolen it from a museum in the future) which is said to contain time circuits, and this enables him to open time portals to travel to different points in space and time.


The suit can also do this automatically to save him from dangerous situations. It needs to be charged up to work, and so he does this at intervals. In defense, he can surround himself with a protective bubble which can even resist Kryptonian heat vision, and in offense, the suit is said to give off a "power blast" which appears to take the form of an electrical discharge.


In one instance, he combines with a dozen versions of himself from different timelines to give an extra big blast. To protect himself and others from the effects of any interruptions in the flow of time, he is always surrounded by a ten-feet "temporal bubble" or "time sphere". His equipment is also said to include a "Legion Flight Ring" which presumably causes his ability to fly, but it also appears to be responsible for projecting a bubble from his right hand which can contain and carry a heavy load.


Booster can be assisted by his floating, egg-shaped droid called Skeets though it does not seem to do much. It can have fins on its lower half.


He mentions the "Booster Car" but we never see it.

In our vision of him in the future, we see that he originally marries the heiress Margot Montgomery but proves to be such an awful husband that he drives her mad, and she becomes the vengeful Red Velvet. He avoids this situation by conveniently changing the timeline, and no sooner has he done so he - true to form - switches his attention from Margot to another.

Red Velvet addresses him as "M.J.", but his full name is not given.


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  • The 'Legion Flight Ring' is a piece of equipment used by members of the Legion of Super-Heroes to enable them to fly. As they exist the 31st Century, they are from even further in the future than Booster.

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