"My name's Blue Beetle. C'mon, man."
— Blue Beetle in Time Share

Blue Beetle (also referred to as Jaime Reyes) is a superhero and member of the Justice League and Teen Titans.

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After finding a mysterious alien artifact called the Scarab, teenager Jaime Reyes's life was changed forever. The beetle-shaped device fused to his spine overnight and transformed him into the Blue Beetle! Now he must learn how to control his new powers, while managing his life as a high school student.


Once a normal High school student Jaime Reyes finds alien tech that resembles a scarab which fuses itself to his spine. This Scarab, called Khaji Dah, can be used to give Jaime armor that grants him several abilities. The Scarab armor gives Jaime an advance alien exoskeleton with advanced features such as wings, thrusters, and weapons should he need them. Now Jaime uses the Scarab to fight crime as Blue Beetle. After impressing Batman by defeating Chronos and saving Batman's past self, Jaime officially became a member of the Justice League.

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When danger threatens Jaime, the scarab encases him in indestructible armor. The scarab also generates weapons to defend him and wings that allow him to fly.


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  • Scarab: Khaji Da, Jaime's Blue Beetle Scarab, gives Jaime powers, and acts as Jaime's companion.
    • Wings/Rockets : This allows Blue Beetle to fly up to speeds of 400 mph (644 kph) and dodge bullets.
    • Transformation: Blue Beetle can transform into different armored suits for different situations.
    • Blasters: Blue Beetle can transform his hand into blasters to fire concussive blasts at opponents.

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This version of the Blue Beetle suit lacks a mouth.

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