Black Manta is a fictional Supervillain. and the Archenemy of Aquaman,Avi

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  • Enhanced Strength: Black Manta is strong enough in his suit to combat Aquaman who is billions times stronger than the average human.
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Durability: Black Manta is able to take hits from Aquaman without dying due to his suit.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Black Manta has been trained in combat since he was young and is able to hold his own against Aquaman and others.
  • Genius Level Intellect: He fashioned his own high-tech submersible inspired by black manta rays.
  • Aviation: Black Manta can pilot a helicopter. He flew a helicopter during his escape from Belle Reve after the Crime Syndicate broke all of the prison's occupants out of their cells.
  • Disguise
  • Archaeology
  • Gadgetry
  • Investigation: Manta is the greatest treasure huster to ever live, he has investigated many ancient myths of treasure and found their source.
  • Leadership: Mr. Hyde is a taciturn headman, with an incredulous amount of guile and charisma. Boasting an army of trained mercenaries who follow his orders to the letter, both human and atlantean. And proved just as capable of subsuming the whole of the age old international cabal known as the Nautical Enforcement of Macrocosmic Order to his will with relative ease. He has also led the Suicide Squad on multiple occasions.
  • Martial Arts
  • Seduction: Black Manta was able to seduce Xebelian "Lucia Hyde" into helping him with his quest for the Black Pearl.
  • Tactiacal Analysis: Manta proves to be an adept strategist and directional coordinator having a cunning, tactical mind on par with a great many of Earth's greatest intellects.
  • Mechanical Engieering: Hyde was able to make his suit, which is considered a technological marvel.
  • Demolitions: Manta was able to destroy Spindrift Station with coordinated explosions.
  • Piracy
  • Firearms
  • Diving: He's been to the depths of the ocean in Atlantis and other far deep locations.
  • Swimming: Black Manta is an excellent swimmer who is able to keep up with Atlanteans.
  • Weaponry: Black Manta is very skilled with a variety of weapons with knives being a favorite of his.
  • Seamanship: Black Manta is able to operate his own submarine and has shown that he is able to hijack and navigate any sea faring vessel he has come across.
  • Intimidation: Black Manta is widely known and feared among both superheroes and villains for his efficiency, sadism and completely ruthless personality.
  • Tracking: He is very talented tracker who is able to locate people who have taken great effort to cover their tracks.
  • Marksmanship: Manta is highly accurate with rifles and other ballistic weapons, able to mow down dozens of hostiles with just a pair of machine guns. He is also accurate when firing his grappilng hooks.
  • Swordsmanship: Manta often uses swords or daggers when combating Aquaman and other enemies.
  • Throwing: Black Manta can throw knives with high accuracy.

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  • Black Manta‘s Diving Armored Suit: Black Manta has an armored suit, that permits him to survive underwater. It is also equipped with a bulit-in rocket launcher. His helmet, fashioned like a manta ray, has red lenses that can fire laser blasts. A lethal high-tech sult allow him to survive underwater and adapt to any number of situations.
  • Manta Stings: Manta stings are explosives fashioned in the shape of a manta ray and are used by Black Manta and his squads of henchmen.
  • Grappling Line: Manta's suit comes with a built in grappling line on his right gauntlet. This grappling line functions in a way similar to the one utilized by Batman and his allies, as it fires a strong cable that latches onto a surface and winches Manta upwards.
  • Optic Lasers: Manta can fire beams of heat energy out of his eye pieces capable of singeing an Atlantean's skin at maximum power output.
  • Shock Gauntlets: Manta is able to produce an electric shock from his gauntlets powerful enough to stun an atlantean.
  • Seal of Clarity (Formerly): Manta stole the Seal from Kahina's corpse. It translates any text and was used in conjunction with the Globe of Transportation to unlock Atlan's scepter. When Manta was defeated it was given to the Operative to safe guard until a new guardian could be found.
  • Bone Crown: A relic of power once belonging to Fleet Admiral Drogue, whosoever wears the crown has control over the Space Kraken race born upon the sea gods alien world. But it only worked for it's original wearer.


  • Black Manta‘s Sea-Saucer: Black Manta's deep sea-saucer, fully equipped with lasers, grappling hooks, and torpedoes. Advanced submersible craft,
  • Manta-Sub: The Manta-Sub is Black Manta's primary means of transportation. It is a submarine shaped in the form of a giant manta ray.
  • Globe of Transportation (Formerly): Manta was able to steal the Globe of Transportation from Ya'Wara. The Globe allowed Manta to teleport around the globe at will. However when Manta was defeated Ya'Wara reclaimed the artefact.


  • Eye Beams: High intensity lasers that he aims through his eye ports.
  • Electrified Weaponry: A lot of Black Manta's weapons are electrified and cut through Aquaman's clothing with ease leaving painful shocks.
  • Thermal-Blast
  • Trident of Neptune (Formerly): When Aquaman was believed dead Manta claimed the Trident of Neptune for himself and he used the weapon to fight the Crime Syndicate with. When Aquaman returned he willingly gave the weapon back to his arch-nemesis.
  • Tear of Extinction: The Tear of Extinction is a weapon created by one of Atlantis' first kings Arion. It is an inversion of Poseidon's life-gaving powers that can kill a god and send them to the Graveyard of Gods. Manta received the tear from Lex Luthor, and currently co-owns it with Cheetah.

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