A super-villain, and an enemy of Shazam and the Justice League.


Black Adam is a tall man of muscular build with short black hair and pointed ears. He wears the same style of costume as Shazam - colored black instead of red - but without a cape. In character, he is harshly-spoken and contemptuous of others, and intends either to occupy the throne of the Rock of Eternity or to subjugate the Earth, or both.

He appears to have the same powers as Shazam and the Wizard combined which would confirm that they are magical in origin. They can be physical (flight, super-strength, invulnerability) or can take the form of blasts of lightning or can be more like magic spells. Examples of the latter are: suspending people in mid-air and spinning them around, binding people with magical restraints, creating impenetrable barriers, releasing djinn and other evils from imprisonment in the Rock, and transforming djinn into large monsters. As Black Adam goes into action, he crackles with lightning except that it is black tinged with yellow in contrast to the bright, white lightning of Shazam and the Wizard.


According to the Wizard, Black Adam is very old as has challenged for the throne of the Rock many centuries before, so he is likely to be immortal. After brief success in the present, Shazam and the Wizard combine to expel him from the Rock, but he returns on Earth just a short time afterwards having been exiled to the remote past in between. He has greater powers than ever - no explanation is given - and even the combination of Shazam and Superman cannot put him down and it takes more than half-a-dozen members of the Justice League to control him and only Constantine's magic is finally able to dispose of him.


1. Classic Rock
4. Abate and Switch
44. System Error




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