A superhero, and ally of the Justice League.


Bizarro has the appearance of a tall, well-built man with very pale skin and a craggy, distorted face. His costume is in the style of a traditional Superman one (with 'underpants') but has an added purple hue with an unrecognisable symbol across the chest and is ill-fitting and wrinkled. He speaks with a deep voice but in a simple, child-like way. This version of him is not evil and he has empathy with the Justice League and wants to become a member.

Flash tells us that he is the product of someone trying to clone Superman but instead creating an 'opposite' and harmless version of the latter. Bizarro's powers appear to be the same as Superman's (flight, super-strength, invulnerability) except that we are told that he has ice vision instead of heat vision. His behaviour is confused and irrational and he has a tendency to say and do the opposite of what he means. For instance, when elated, he will shout "boo-ray!" instead of "hooray!" Due to his backwardness he has difficulty taking the right course of action and is easily impressed by common skills - like Space Cabbie's directions guidance that makes him consider him to be the "smartest man in the galaxy".

Bizarro is not shown to have the same weaknesses as Superman and is able to to offer good resistance to the super-android Amazo. His simple, single-minded doggedness wins there where the Justice League fails.

He is attracted to Wonder Woman.


32. Booray for Bizarro



  • Bizarro speaks "backwards" since he's a opposite of Superman, such as when he says something negative, it's actually positive.


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