— Bizarro's greeting

Bizarro (also known as Bizaro Bizzaro Bizzarro Bizarro Superman Bizaro Superman Bizzaro Superman Bizzarro Superman Evil Superman Bad Superman Wicked Superman Black Superman Dark Superman Shadow Superman Fake Superman Demon Superman Evil Replica Superman Bad Replica Superman Wicked Replica Superman Dark Replica Superman Shadow Replica Superman Fake Replica Superman Nega Replica Superman Demon Replica Superman and Nega Superman) is a dysfunctional and imperfect clone duplicate and doppelgänger of Superman.





Powers, Skills, and Abilities

  • All of the same powers and abilities as Superman: Bizarro has the same powers as Superman, as he is an almost clone.
  • Reverse Versions of Bizarro Kryptonian Powers:
    • Kryptonian Physicology:
      • Solar Energy Absorption:
      • Superhuman Strength:
      • Superhuman Speed:
      • Superhuman Stamina:
      • Superhuman Agility:
      • Superhuman Durability:
      • Superhuman Reflexes:
      • Superhuman Endurance:
      • Superhuman Jumping:
      • Flight:
      • Super Breath:
      • Super Hearing
      • Super Sonic
      • Healing Factor
      • Invulnerability
      • Telescopic Vision:
      • Microscopic Vision:
      • X-Ray Vision:
      • Vaccum Breath:
      • Flame Breath and Ice Vision: Being a flawed clone duplicate and doppelgänger of Superman, Superman's Heat Vision and Freeze Breath are opposite for Bizarro. Bizarro is able to bleach high temperature blasts of fire and freeze targets with his eyes.


  • Blue Kryptonite:
  • Blue Solar Radioactivity:
  • Magic:



Season One



Bizarro speaks "backwards" since he's a opposite of Superman, such as when he says something negative, it's actually positive.

His villain description with purple color refers to Super Brainz, a supervillain and zombie hero created by Dr. Zomboss.

The name of the Bizarro Superman is a reference to Bizarro Ninja four evil versions of the Ninja created by Lord Garmadon with his Mega Weapon a combination of the Golden Weapons Sword of Fire Nunchucks of Lightning Shurikens of Ice and Scythe of Quakes were created by First Spinjitzu Master who was born and escaped in the Realm of Oni and Dragons to create Ninjago and it's members Bizarro Cole an evil version of Cole Bizarro Jay an evil version of Jay who kissed Nya Bizarro Kai an evil version of Kai and Bizarro Zane an evil version of Zane Like the character he was named after, the Bizarro Superman act as the evil counterpart of the series' respective protagonist as well.


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