The main flying vehicle used by Batman in this show. In the JLA Run game it is called the Batwing.


The Batplane, which is painted black, is shown as an airplane with a short fuselage that has a single jet exhaust at the rear, and with long wings that are swept forward like a bat in full flight. However, when in the Watchtower's hangar, it is seen hanging nose down from a gantry with its wings folded like a sleeping bat.


On take-off from there, it drops from its position with its wings unfolding and starts its engine as it levels, before flying along a tunnel and out of the side of the volcano. The plane is able to hover in mid air and can land vertically. Batman carries a small utility that can summon the unmanned Batplane to fly to him. The cockpit has two seats arranged in tandem with an all-around canopy above, and if Batman ejects from there to tackle a foe, the plane can fly on unattended.


Unlike the Batmobile, the Batplane is fully armed and can fire missiles - probably from bays in its wings. It also has guns which are mounted near the wing roots.


There is a small cargo bay towards the rear of the fuselage with a hatch on the underside. It can hold a small payload - like Billy Batson.



  • It is originally named the Batwing.
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