The main wheeled vehicle used by Batman.


The Batmobile is seen in a few episodes and is driven by Batman. It has a design like a racing car with a low, sleek profile and wide tires. At the back is a wide exhaust nozzle which makes it likely that it has a gas turbine engine and the air intakes are possibly the openings underneath the headlights at the front.


The chassis is compact and, although there is a long hood, the driving compartment is far back and there is no noticeable trunk, perhaps because of the large exhaust. There are two seats inside, side-by-side, with the steering wheel looking more like that of an airplane. The dashboard has a number of displays on it with a larger one sometimes projected onto the windshield. The latter extends all around like an airplane's canopy.


At the front of the car where we might expect the radiator to be, a hatch can open to allow things to be propelled forwards e.g. a cable with bolas attached to entangle and trip an opponent. The Batmobile does not appear to be fitted with guns.





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